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Recorded at Lineup Room in Baltimore, mixed by Samu-L, and mastered by Jake Vicious


Beej Lyrics written by Chris Henri and Aubrey Adams

Chilling on the sofa I’m watching a movie with a youngin' I'm bout to roll up
We both ain't watching—waiting on the right timing to go nuts
If we do it when she walk through the door she feel like a roller
So (uh) I put a flick on, converse and rub her shoulders
‘Til we get to the reason she's coming over (over)
I need it at night and in the morning like Dunkin' Donuts
Mid-day as I get paid with no buzz I'm blown up
I get it in the whip couple ni**as I’m running over
Freshman year I hit the shoulder that's how mean this youngin’s throat was
But I digress “I suggest you come a little closer
I go by ‘the General’, you like me?..take care of my soldier”
Aye get back to it as buddah’s in the air, light the ‘doja'
Youngin' hit it long ‘cause she was turned on by the nice aroma
I’m always blowing strong she feel when we high we closer
I turn any youngin' from nice to ‘go-er' (goer)

Let me let you get back to the ‘beej’
Let me let you get back to the beej

‘Cause we just wanna feel good
‘Cause we just wanna feel good

I still respect them don't mistake my suggestion
But my joint in high school said I'd get em all if more aggressive
From then on started going smack from light to dark complexion
Stay clean as dryer sheets don't trust them they lie with ease when they want it
I like the ‘beej' and knowing when they plan to do it
One grabs my basketball shorts when she wanna get back to it (to it)
I say “just do it” word to the shoes I'm in
Vintage Max Ninety-Five Two Thousand-Nine or Penny line the kicks is
Cargo shorts and a spliff in my hand make my eyes squinted
Dos Equis cause I'm interesting—I love beer drinking women
If she white liquor sipping it don't matter if she's with it
I'll accommodate, dominate, then ganja in papers twisted (twisted)
Exhale then lifted she hit it—feel like we kissing
Lick her lips then turn on the camera because she wants to witness
The game tape for statistics ‘cause all she hears when I speak is “let me
(aye let me let me let me) let you get back to the ‘beej’”

Let me let you get back to the ‘beej’
Let me let you get back to the beej

‘Cause we just wanna feel good
‘Cause we just wanna feel good


from The New Retro Album, released July 4, 2015



all rights reserved


New Retro Maryland

New Retro is a funk/hip-hop band from College Park MD, performing live in the greater Washington DC region. The core membership of funk (lead vocalist Che Adams, percussionist Jason Stewart, and bassist Enoch Rowe) have been performing together since 2005. The introduction of hip-hop came with lyricist Chris "I Go By the General" Henri (2010) and producer/lyricist Sam "Samu-L" Chafin (2011) ... more

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